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Know About Matrrix

Matrrix (Pune, India), is a Life Leadership Coach Training and Executive Coaching firm that trains, coaches and mentors individuals to discover their hidden potential. Established in 2015, Matrrix offers several products and services in the areas of coaching, training, mentoring, coach supervision, counseling, exclusive certifications for Mindfulness and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and more. Founder, Dr. Paras, is an award-winning coach of international repute who has worked extensively to offer these products and services globally.

Matrrix is committed to provide world-class training to individuals, professionals, students, and people from every walk of life. There is a strong emphasis on coaching, training, and mentoring to stimulate self-awareness levels. Matrrix aims to transform people to be excellent coaches and trainers, leaders, motivators, and changemakers. The company is on a mission to be the topmost choice for organizations and individuals seeking a positive transformation.

We offer world-class products and services in the areas of coaching, training, mentoring, coach supervision, counseling, certifications, and more. We include a broad range of services to bring a transformation in the lives of many through the teachings of NLP, Mindfulness, coaching, and counseling (Mental Strength Professional).

Mental Strength Professionals are coaches and counselors trained in the area of psychology, spirituality and mental health. Our primary motive is developing mental toughness in people with a focus on building emotional health. Our team is led by psychologist and coach, Dr. Paras - a world-class ICF certified coach with numerous awards to his credit. We have a strong team dedicated to serving our purpose.